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L MommahSarah 4 Dec 29, 2008 o worcester, MA È More Information

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Jan 26

This wish was granted on Jan 26, 2010. Thank you to all of the heroes that made it possible.

Dec 29

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my dear daughter passed away june 30 due to sids. it happened on the night of june 10 in the middle of a horendous heatwave. when i found her i gave her cpr and got her heart beating again but by the time the ambulance got her to the hospital it was too late. she was braindead. we kept her on life support for 3 weeks in hopes that god would bring her back to us but on the night of june 30th at 9:12 pm she took her last breath on earth. well to get a marker or headstone for her would have been just 400 for the stone and then an extra 3 hundred for the name and dates. we didnt have the money and still dont. she really deserves to had a stone so others can visit her and remember her. i miss her so much and i just dont want her to feel we forgot her. god bless.

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WishUponAHeroFoundation · on Jan 12/2009

Member ilovemywifejenn has selected your wish for the Pay it Forward Wish Grant. We will be sending you $25 through paypal.

mamawlove · on Dec 29/2008

Hello. Im really sorry for your loss. My family doesnt have much, but I "contacted" you through PayPal. God bless your family!


I'm sorry for your loss, we just buried my baby boy today. I wish I had something to offer you but I will pray that we can both find a way to provide stones for our angels...

on Jun 13/2009


Just read this wish so sorry for your loss. There is a free tombstone help for children website

on Jan 05/2009


im so sorry for your loss...i wish i could help but im struggling too i can pray for you...i hope youll find a hero to help you..God bless..

on Jan 03/2009


I don't have money to help you but i wanted to say how sorry i am for your loss.
i hope u get your wish.

on Dec 30/2008


I hope that you find your hero and so much more. I can't imagine the heartache you and your family are going through. I wish I could help you; but as a single mom & the economy - the only thing I can offer you is my sincere condolences. Your beautiful daughter will never be forgotten - she will always be with you. I pray that someday there is a cure for SIDS and no other parent has to endure this horrendous heartache. God Bless you.

on Dec 29/2008


I cant help but I wanted to let you know I am so sorry for your lost. My husband lost a baby to sids 15 years ago. I help him by starting many traditions (special ornament of her for the tree, go to the grave on her birthday and have cupcakes, and we have a special rock outside in rememberance) May God give you the strength for you and your family to carry on and may someone on wuah give you a stone.

on Dec 29/2008


from the sleeping angels website" If you have been touched by infant death and need our assistance with placing a marker/monument, please fill out our Application to see if you qualify. Currently, due to our resources, Assistance is Only Available in the Pennsylvania Area."

on Dec 29/2008


thanks so much i will check out these sites asap but imnot sure if i will qaulify. but it doesnt hurt to try right? thank you so much

on Dec 29/2008


I am sorry to hear about your loss!!

on Dec 29/2008


While I realize you ar in Massachusetts other may also want to know of The Connor Kirby Infant Memorial Foundation. All contribution go directly to help families who are residents of Pennsylvania and Maryland who need financial assistance to pay for their infant's funeral, cremation, burial, and cemetery expenses. Contributions also aid families in getting the counseling they may need from licensed therapists.

on Dec 29/2008


The Dempsey Burdick Memorial Foundation and various cemeteries are partnering in order to help families who have lost a child. Each year, a few families are selected to receive a complimentary headstone as a gift for their angel baby from the Dempsey Burdick Memorial Foundation. The families that are chosen to receive the headstone will be selected based on the criteria of financial need and personal loss. In order to apply for consideration for the program, please mail or e-mail a letter telling about your child, along with your contact information, the contact information for the cemetery where your child is buried, and the reasons why you are applying.

The Dempsey Burdick Memorial Foundation
Attn: Request for Help.
8101 Gould Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

on Dec 29/2008


The Sleeping Angels Fund is a non-profit fund, founded on February 20, 2002. It was inspired by Hunter James Martino, who lost his precious life to SIDS on September 15, 2001. The Sleeping Angels Fund helps families, touched by infant death, purchase grave markers/monuments to help memorialize their lost infant children.

on Dec 29/2008

I cannot begin to imagine the tremendous heartache of a parent losing a beloved child. :(

As sad as it is to "price shop" for this sad task, when I purchased headstones for an entire family grouping this year, I found prices varied widely from stonemaker to stonemaker. Again, it is not something for which you want to bargain hunt. Perhaps a cherished friend, not quite so close to the situation, can help search for the best price?

Bless you.

on Dec 29/2008


I am so truly sorry about your loss! I am also so very sorry that I am not able to help you out with this wonderful wish! I truly hope you find many heros that to help get your lil angel a marker/head stone!

on Dec 29/2008


I am truly sorry for your loss.

on Dec 29/2008


I am sorry for your loss. I hope you can find some heros.

on Dec 29/2008


I am so sorry for your loss. (((HUGS)))

on Dec 29/2008

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