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Thomas birthday party supplies

L jessicaraines 4 Sep 01, 2008 o Murphysboro, IL È More Information

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Jan 05

This wish was granted on Jan 05, 2009. Thank you to all of the heroes that made it possible.

Sep 01

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Thomas birthday party supplies

Hi everyone! Toby's 3rd birthday will be coming up in a few months. He loves Thomas the tank engine. As many are, we are on a limited income (child support) while I am going to school so any help would really be appreciated. Anything from plates to decorations to candles. Thank you so much for reading our wish!

God bless!

Jessica & Toby

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williamsmother2003 · on Sep 14/2008

I have some Thomas toys and maybe other little Thomas items that I could send. I can't send much because I don't have a lot of money to cover shipping but I'll do what I can.

bumblebee · on Sep 08/2008

I will do the many do you need?

llfan · on Sep 03/2008

I could send 4 pair of brand new Thomas the Train childrens sunglasses! Judy

tara611 · on Sep 02/2008

I have a Thomas pin that my little boy wore for his 3rd birhday it says 3 today on it.i can send it to you if you want....i will need the address.....when is the birthday?


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

on Jan 05/2009


tara611, We got the Thomas pin and it is perfect! Toby loves it. He couldn't wait until his birthday, he's already wearing it! Thank you so much!

on Sep 19/2008


oh one more thing....hes a lil cutie!

on Sep 15/2008


Hi...I sent the lil pin out for ya today,and a few stickers,not much but its all i could do right now.maybe between now and jan 8 i might be able to send some coloring books and stuff but right now i am so broke.ya know how it hoping to come into aliitle money in a few months.anyways i hope his pin makes it ok.its just in a smallenvelope and inside is a ziplosk baggie and in paper towel is the pin.sorry i couldnt do more.My 3 year old is totally obsessed with thomas too so i know how that a great day....lenay

on Sep 15/2008


bumblebee - I do need invitations! I send you a pm. Thanks!

on Sep 08/2008


petunia - thanks for the tip! I did look at the dollar tree, they have tons of themes but no thomas!

on Sep 08/2008


have you tried the dollar tree? they have thomas birthday items and 1.00 each it is a great price. hope you get heros for this. if it was girl stuff i could help but i do not have bot thomas. best wishes to you in this!

on Sep 02/2008


Do you need invitations? If so, I could make some?

on Sep 02/2008

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