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people would stop trying to scam the needy online!

L Ninamom 4 Aug 25, 2008 o Yucca Valley, CA

For: Family Cause: Friendship Wishes (Emails, Letters, Penpals) Views: 2,334

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Oct 30

This wish was granted on Oct 30, 2008. Thank you to all of the heroes that made it possible.

Aug 25

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people would stop trying to scam the needy online!

I was just scammed! Someone who I have been working with for the past 2 months finally sent me a check for a loan, $4,500.00 and I took it to my bank to cash it - IT WAS A FORGED CHECK! NO GOOD!!! It really upsets me that people can be so low and what really gets me mad is that they do it in the name of Jesus! So now I am back to where I started, homeless!!! - Why can't a genuine, trustworthy person help my family? I pray for those individuals who prey on the desperate familes and individuals who are in need of financial assistance. I pray that GOD will have mercy on them for what they have done to us and for using his name in vain!

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Latriciat23 · on Sep 11/2008

People often send me email saying that I won the lottery or I was left some money or was even a job offer. Please be careful I hear cashing those checks can mess up your life. G-d Bless


Im new to this site n tryn to find out if its legit and i came across this page. But reading this is making me wonder. And to the poster...that is awful so sorry to hear that...n that jus kinda makes me wonder if i should have even joined?? Life is hard enough jus gttn by sometimes..n you have evil cruel people that get off on hurting others!!! Its beyond me it really is..jw wat happened after u tried to cash it? OMG that is jus cold hearted evil heart goes out to u it will come back on them and i hope and pray things have gotten better for youc and your famiy..God bless you all!

on Dec 09/2012


What do they get out of this?? I don't understand! I just had someone offer to help us fix our family has been in non-working condition for several months and when I go back to work in a week, with three kids, it is going to be a struggle. Not to mention that the truck that is working has breaks that are going and is also in need of a timing belt...I just don't understand...

on Aug 17/2011


It breaks my heart to hear someone not only gave you a bad check but worse gave you false hope in a terrible situation. I wish I had more than sympathy to give you but i to am struggling. Remember for every jerk out there is a hero and a person with a heart of gold! god bless you and your family .. all my prayers xoxo

on May 15/2011


Thank you to all those who read this wish and for sharing in my pain - GOD Bless you all

on Oct 30/2008


i get checks in the mail a lot from uk,africa,australia.most with that i had a relative that was rich and left me so many millions or i won some sort of lottery.

on Aug 25/2008


I have also been through that.some one from africa.hope you get a hero soon

on Aug 25/2008


Ive also been through the scam seen had a well known mortgage co. tell me we will close on the loan thursday i guess the canceled thursday but they remembered to cash apraisal check

on Aug 25/2008


I will keep you in my prayers. I'm in my own dire straights tonight, but I do hope you find your heros.

On one other note, I see you are from Yucca Valley - we used to live in 29 and I really miss that place! That really brings back memories.

on Aug 25/2008


I hope you can find a hero. It is sad that people try to take advantage of people in need.

on Aug 25/2008


This is a good wish and I am so sorry this happened to you. It is something that is very rampit around the globe, not a day goes by that I do not receive either a letter, e-mail or phone call informing me Iv won millions! I normally respond to the e-mails telling them to get of their backsides and find a real job instead of trying to live of people and scam them ,lol.

Love Kylie

on Aug 25/2008


I am so sorry I hope you find a hero..tina

on Aug 25/2008


Shame on them. Don't give up on finding a real hero!

on Aug 25/2008


OMG.. thats so wrong.. I am sorry this happened to you.. I hope you reported them... ((((HUGS))))

on Aug 25/2008


thats aweful! im so sorrythis happened to you. you should report it.

on Aug 25/2008


I wish that people would be more respectful of others and stop wasting their time! I can only imagine how embarassing it must have been to take the check to the bank knowing it was your only chance for debt relief. I hope you find a real believer to help you with your struggles. I am where you are and can totally understand your anger. Hopefully the phrase "what goes around comes around" will apply to this.

on Aug 25/2008


I hope you did not give that person your personal info ,like ss numbers, or bank acct info, is very sad people are doing that to the ones in need they know people are desperate and they prey on the ones in need.

on Aug 25/2008

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