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For A Handicap Van For Dakota With Cerebral Palsy, please Donate $1

L kristy0641 4 Oct 03, 2009 o Cameron, NC

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Nov 01

This wish was granted on Nov 01, 2009. Thank you to all of the heroes that made it possible.

Oct 03

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For A Handicap Van For Dakota With Cerebral Palsy, please Donate $1

My son Dakota is 5 1/2 years old and has Spastic Cerebral Palsy which makes his arms and legs stiff. Everyday life is a task for him and it breaks my heart to see him struggle day by day.
My family and I are trying to raise money so that we can purchase a handicap van. Dakota has equipment that we must travel with like his gait trainer or wheelchair. A van would be such a life saver for us and would help Dakota's life more then you could ever know.
For some people taking a Sunday drive is so peaceful and relaxing, for Dakota is can be uncomfortable having a van would give his body the extra room it needs so that he would not be so cramped up and able to enjoy the ride.
We have put jars up in the local stores around our area to try and raise money to get this van.So far we have reached $100.
Also Dakota will be having surgery called a Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy in about 2 months i pray that we have a van by then because we will have to travel over an hour away to the hospital for therapy for about 3 weeks after surgery.
We have also opened a Savings Account you can donate at any BB&T bank to the "Dakota Thomas Van Fund" if you need any more information please pm me.
Thank you to all who read this wish even $1 can REALLY make a difference.

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Called4God2008 · on Oct 07/2009

Kristy, I need your address know I will help.


thank you for reading my wish, i know times are hard right now for everyone and maybe this wish was just to big. Thank you all so much for your kind words and sweet comments.

on Nov 01/2009


Thank you so much for the kind words Countryangel. Dakota is my blessing and i could not see my life without him in it. We have been through some rough times and know we will see many more ahead but together as a family we can get through anything. I pray with everything i am that we get a van and soon. God bless you! Your sister sounds like she was a wonderful blessing to you as well i hope nothing but the best for you.

on Oct 03/2009


This wish really touched me and heres sister, Joyce, had cerebral palsy...the Doctors said she wouldn't live to be 3 yrs old, she wouldnt walk, the grace of God my sister lived to be 29 years old, and even walked across the stage at her high school sister has been an inspiration to myself and many other people...we could not affor a van for her and it was REALLY difficult for her...I pray for your son to get that van to make his life and your life much easier...I know your son will be an inspiration to others as well....I wish I could help but financially, we dont have that much money right now....but I will pray for you and your takes a very special person to raise a child with disabilities!! May God RICHLY BLESS YOUR FAMILY!

The bible says "ask and you shall receive"

on Oct 03/2009


I pray that your wish is granted. What a handsome son that you have there

on Oct 03/2009


Hoping you find many heroes for your wish. Your son is beautiful! God Bless

on Oct 03/2009


I meant to add in there our goal is $4,000. We have found a van on a local car lot and asking price is $4,000. Thank you all once again every penny helps us out so much!

on Oct 03/2009

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