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A Real Wish Granting Genie Lamp&Meet A Real Witch

L MaleGenie1983 4 Sep 29, 2009 o Nassau, BS

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Jul 07

This wish was granted on Jul 07, 2010. Thank you to all of the heroes that made it possible.

Sep 29

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A Real Wish Granting Genie Lamp&Meet A Real Witch

I really wish for a real actual wish granting genie lamp with a real actual wish granting female genie inside like on I Dream Of Jeannie.To meet a real witch as well just like on or similar to Charmed or Bewitched

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ladyfee · on Oct 24/2009

Well if she is a witch, so am i:)she is my twin....



on Oct 23/2009


Cwissie..are you saying your a witch?? :) I hope you get your lamp maybe when you do you might rub it once for me?:)

on Oct 23/2009


ahahhah i dunno why i hit grant but hey!!! when u see this please do not accept it lol sorry guys!

on Oct 23/2009


@checkitout..... That seems kinda rude " people who claim to be witches... I believe its dangerous." What if some one said " People who claim to be Christians.... I believe its dangerous" Open ones heart and not be afraid of the unknown. I am one of the most kindest person you'd meet!! But guess what I'm Wiccan.

on Sep 30/2009


Great Wish! I hope you find that lamp!

on Sep 29/2009


is this a serious wish??? o.O wouldnt it be nice to have a real wish lamp??

on Sep 29/2009



on Sep 29/2009


I'm assuming you're just teasing us. However, there are people in the world who claim to be witches. Personally, I stay away from anything like that. I believe it's dangerous.

on Sep 29/2009



on Sep 29/2009

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