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for help for my sick dog.

L JMorgan23 4 Sep 12, 2009 o North Kingstown, RI È More Information

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Sep 15

This wish was granted on Sep 15, 2009. Thank you to all of the heroes that made it possible.

Sep 12

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for help for my sick dog.

My 2 year old Dog Kody is sick and in need of Grain Free Dog food and other medicine. A 15 lb Bag of Dog Food that will last 2 Weeks costs $26 or a 50lb Bag that will last him a month costs $45. He is a very beautiful Old English Sheepdog and he is my first baby. He is allergic to Grains in Dog Food and is extremely Allergic to Fleas. He has an ear infection and eye infection.
My husband and I are at our wits end because we have a 6 month old little girl plus the sick puppy. We just don't have the money for the food and his needs. We have brought him to the vet and the groomers repeatedly but nothing is helping. We had him in an E-Collar for over two weeks because he chews his back end without it.
We sent him to the groomers today which usually helps because they use medicated soap and different things on him but this time it did nothing. We left for a friends house and when we returned he had chewed his back and tail stub until he was bleeding.
If we do not get him the help he needs we are going to have to find him a home with owners that can afford his needs. I don't know what I would do if I had to give him up. I have had him since he was around three Months old and I want my daughter to have him around as she grows up. Giving him up would be like giving up my first child.
Please, if you can find it in your heart to send a few dollars to help my puppy I will be so appreciative to you.
If you want to call the pet store where we will be buying the dog food just call Pet Specialties and ask for Jordan (he's the owner): 401-284-2222 Tell him you are asking about the Grain Free Food for Kody Morgan.
If you want to confirm the chewing problem with his vet you may call our vet:
North Kingstown Animal Hosp.
401-397-8887 Just tell them you are inquiring about Kody Morgan the Old English Sheepdog.
If you would like pictures of his injuries I will take some and send them to anyone wanting them. If you want to see receipts from the vet, I will scan and send.

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pburkham · on Sep 14/2009

I have just put $45.00 into your paypal acct. for your furry first "baby"---in honor of my malamute, who recently went over the rainbow ridge......give the furball a hug from a non-furry friend.....

46sko · on Sep 12/2009

I will make a donation to your paypal account.

myasmilkmama · on Sep 12/2009

I know this won't cover the whole 2 weeks but its a start. Send me your paypal and i will send you some $


I thank everyone that has helped my dog Kody. We are now able to get him the food he needs and with the extra we're going to refill his medicine with the vet.

on Sep 15/2009


Thank you Kisses7! I will do that!

on Sep 12/2009


Ok, in the meantime until you get the dog food he needs make him this to eat. hamburger mixed with white rice then take a can of low salt mixed veggies and mash them up and mix it in the hamburger and rice mixture. He will stay healthy and will love it. This is what my sister has fed her dog for six years and they are all alive, well and healthy. Also, ask the vet about giving him an oatmeal bath. Once or twice a month give him a little bacon grease on his food too or a piece of bacon. Good luck and I hope this helps him

on Sep 12/2009


We are giving him benedryl right now. It is helping but the food would make him all better. I feel so bad because he's such a good dog. He's a real love puddle. The Ear infection is from the allergic reaction and the Eye infection is from him itching his eye.

on Sep 12/2009


i wantd to clarify- i was referring to the infections you mentioned...the pink stuff is best (usually parents finish giving antibiotics to their kiddos) but adult antibiotics are sufficient too...poor lil dog...hes very cute....hope you get him feelin better soon. if your vet dissagrees call around i guaruntee every other vet says yes it does work,especially in emergency

on Sep 12/2009


just wanted to tell you that you can give the dog medicines for vet has given me this advice and saved my pets numerous times when i called with a dying pet nd no money to take them in to the vet (i have a really caring vet) He has had me give pepto bismol to my dog,and infant tylenol....this saved his life is what i truly believe...but then my cat was sick real sick and he told me to go thru my medicine cabinet and look for antiboitics....i found keflex and augmentin and called him back and he told me to empty the capsule into 5 tablespoons of chicken broth and mix well and with a syringe give one tablespoon twice a day....i am not suggesting the exact same as i have said here,but you could call the vet and ask him how to break down into doses for your pets weight. i have saved three animals this way in the past

on Sep 12/2009

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