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help in getting school clothes and supplies

L lissa99 4 Jul 22, 2009 o Wise, VA

For: Child Cause: Tickets Views: 2,097

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Aug 05

This wish was granted on Aug 05, 2009. Thank you to all of the heroes that made it possible.

Jul 22

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help in getting school clothes and supplies

my name is melissa i am a single mother of three boys two of them are in school and i have no way to provide school clothes or shoes or supplies for them. i get payed one time a month and i only get about 3oo dollars and all of that has to go to my bills if anyone can help me or know of a place that can help me i would be so thankful. Melissa

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3girlscallmemommy · on Jul 22/2009

Walgreens is having an awesome sale! Send me info and I will pick them up a few things while I am there:)

stargazer534 · on Jul 22/2009

I can send you a dozen of the #2 Sanford pencils, and also I have a ruler, and a protractor I can sned, please pm me, and I'd be happy to send these for them! May God Bless,


thanks to all the heros out there that have helped me get things for my kids you dont know how grateful i am

on Aug 05/2009


there sizes are 8 year old boy size 8/9 in jeans and size 7/8 in shirts and size 3 1/2 in shoes and my 5 year old wears size 5/6 in jeans and size 6/7 in shirts and size 2 or 3 in shoes anything will help anything at all

on Jul 28/2009


Check with the schools & find out if they know any churches or civic organizations that are helping with school supplies. Check the free section on for clothes. Also check & post a want there. Some food banks also have clothes. Look at thrift stores & garage sales.

on Jul 23/2009


What sizes do they wear? That would help us.

on Jul 22/2009


please check this link, they offer freee calcutors,and also some free school supplies!

on Jul 22/2009

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