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things to make my baby girl feel better

L Kimmiparks 4 Jul 06, 2013 o East meadow , NY

For: Baby Cause: Kidney Disease Views: 389

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Jul 27

This wish was granted on Jul 27, 2013. Thank you to all of the heroes that made it possible.

Jul 06

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things to make my baby girl feel better

On July second my daughter was rushed to the hospital she had been sick for awhile and the doctor requested I bring. Her to the hospital she has been there for two days in the children's ward and they feel she may have kidney disease. My wish. is to make her feel a little better by sending her barbie dolls and littletoys to cheer her up she likes Dora the explorer hello kitty and monster high. Anything would be appreciated

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mommie817donated a card · on Jul 06/2013

I would like to send your daughter some stickers



on Jul 27/2013


the stckers came back to me today it says no such number hum

on Jul 20/2013


I am going to tweet this need hope that's ok.

on Jul 14/2013


I hope you get many heroes.

on Jul 14/2013


I hope you get many heroes

on Jul 06/2013

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