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Topeka Service Dog for Louie Tomasso

L ServiceProtectionDogsforV 4 Nov 08, 2012 o Herndon, VA È More Information

$115 Raised
of our goal$10,000

For: US Military Cause: Dream Fulfillment Views: 1,074

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Sep 28

This wish was granted on Sep 28, 2013. Thank you to all of the heroes that made it possible.

Nov 08

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Topeka Service Dog for Louie Tomasso

Louie Tomasso needs help raising funds for the purchase & training including Certification as Service Protection Dog from Service Protection Dogs for World Peace. He hopes to pave the way for other 100% disabled veterans to obtain a Service Protection dog by raising & training a specially selected German Shepherd puppy. Many hours go into the training & Certification of a Service Protection Dog. Lets tell the US Government that they should provide the Certified Service Protection Dogs to it's disabled veterans, as it is proven that the Dogs help with PTSD & less expense is needed for medications & therapy. Go to for more photos & information on Topeka.

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Guestdonated $50 · on Feb 13/2013

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on Nov 16/2012


We would like this to be a huge success for others to follow who need help.

on Nov 08/2012

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