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Fraud has struck

L Tiffnee 4 Dec 20, 2011 o Independence , MO

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For: Family Cause: Household Needs Views: 651

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Feb 27

This wish was granted on Feb 27, 2012. Thank you to all of the heroes that made it possible.

Dec 20

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Fraud has struck

My husband gets unemployment right now and he was to receive it today. he checked his card and it was a 0 balance. well he went into the history because he always gets it at 1 pm on tuesday and it said that the whole amount was used in 2 transactions in CT. We live in Independence Missouri. We called the place that it was stating. They were unhelping. We have called the police made a police report. made a report in CT too over the phone. Unemployment told my husband on the phone that nothing can be done until the transaction is processed through and right now it is pending and hasn't been sent through. they wont help us. today is my birthday. i am 28 years old. i just got a job promotion today where i will be making 10 an hour but working at a different location and i have orientation tomorrow at 930 am and cant even get there.I dont understand. I really dont. My birthday is ruined. My job is on hold until I find the money to get to NKC tomorrow morning. Everything is falling apart. If you can help my family. We have no money at all until next tuesday. I am on the verge on tears. We cant even pick up the kids christmas from kmart. sigh.... and it was the last payment today too. :( no family to help. no thing. we even called the news crew. I can show proof of the transactions on his unemployment. that isnt' a issue and give you the police report number so you can go get a copy if it comes down to it. i think they are 5 bucks at the police station. this is beyond stressful.

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starann14 · on Dec 22/2011

I have added $ to your paypal account. Not much, but hope it helps. Merry Christmas!


Thank you so much. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

on Feb 27/2012

Tiffnee is my husbands paypal. Thank you so much.

on Dec 21/2011


Do you have paypal? I don't have much, but what I have left, you can have.

on Dec 21/2011


thank you so much christimp

on Dec 21/2011


Keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers! Hope you find a hero soon! :)

on Dec 21/2011


Thank you bratwkidz. God bless you too

on Dec 20/2011


Hope you find a hero :) God Bless

on Dec 20/2011


Thank you so much. the job i just got is a 10 dollar an hour job. i pray things will turn around for us.

on Dec 20/2011


happy holidays.praying for your wish.

on Dec 20/2011

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