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Bela Gets Better from ICU

L jesse.j.jones 4 Jul 28, 2013 o Norfolk, VA

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Nov 19

This wish was granted on Nov 19, 2013. Thank you to all of the heroes that made it possible.

Jul 28

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Bela Gets Better from ICU

Our Daughter Izabela (Bela)was diagnosed with NF1 at age Four. It has never been a serious life-threatening issue to be concerned about until Monday, July 22, 2013. A Tumor grew in Bela's Brain causing it to close off the fluid from draining out, and her brain to swell, and consequently hospitalizing her in an unconscious state. Her Brain simply shut down and Bela quit breathing. Currently we are at a point now where we are confident she will be fine, However it is a slow process. It is all about time now. She is returning to us a little by little. It is hard on everyone, especially the parents. That is why the necessity for a wish is here. The parents of Bela are remaining at her bedside, to give her the strength and support she needs to heal. Unfortunately, the world keeps spinning despite the health and well being of our loved ones. Bela's parents are unable to return to work for several reasons. One is due to the distance in which they traveled to be here, to be her strength and concentrating all of their focus on Bela and her well being. It is Hard and complicated to return to work with the overwhelming thought of the condition Bela is in, and Hard to focus on anything other than her getting back to normal. Such is that in these days passing, the parents have accumulated several bills that need to be addressed. Everything from parking and coffee to personal bills at home. I would love to thank you ahead of time for any assistance you would consider providing. I would love to describe Bela in words to you, but she is far too awesome for that. Hopefully a few pictures will help, but Unless you know her, you don't know how awesome and eccentric our Bela really is. Thank you and God Bless and hopefully any donation will help us move forward. Bela is destined for greatness, We just need to get her well, before we get her there.

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Guestdonated $50 · on Aug 21/2013

On Behalf of The City Shakeup - get well soon Bela!!

Guestdonated $25 · on Aug 18/2013

Thinking of you and your family. Jeannine, Vern and Max

Guestdonated $25 · on Aug 14/2013

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Guestdonated $25 · on Aug 12/2013

This donation was made by Guest

Guestdonated $20 · on Aug 07/2013

Fourth, the best to you and your family during this time. Tiri & Trill.

Guestdonated $50 · on Aug 07/2013

Blessings and prayers for your family.

Guestdonated $50 · on Aug 06/2013

From Dallas and family. Hope to see you soon!

Guestdonated $25 · on Aug 04/2013

Helping out a friend. Praying for better days. Get well soon

Guestdonated $50 · on Aug 03/2013

From my family to yours. Our prayers are with you Bob.

Guestdonated $500 · on Aug 03/2013

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Guest $500 on Aug 03, 2013
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WTG Heroes! I, too, have NF and it can be challenging! My tumor affects the nerve going up my spine (L4,L5) and I get yearly MRI's to make sure they don't form on my brain. Living with NF can be hard, due to the uncertainty of the tumors, fact they can grow large very fast then have years of no/slow growth, form in places they've never been before, greatly affect bodily functions, slim chance they can change from benign, and have over a 90% recurrence rate. I feel their daughter and am hoping she overcomes this completely and reaches her greatness! Best wishes as her family goes through this struggle and many blessings for you all...

on Sep 06/2013


yes very wonderful heroes on here I hope you get many more heroes

on Aug 14/2013


Wonderful heroes on here!!

on Aug 07/2013


I hope you get many more heroes

on Aug 02/2013


I hope you get many more heroes for your wish

on Jul 31/2013


Prayers for Bela and I hope you find tons of heros for her!

on Jul 31/2013


I hope you get many more heroes

on Jul 30/2013


hun i hope you get your heros.hugs to you and your family

on Jul 30/2013


I hope you get many more heroes your family is in my prayers

on Jul 29/2013


Will be praying for her. I also have NF1 and understand how hard it can be.

on Jul 29/2013


your family is in my prayers I hope you get many heroes

on Jul 28/2013

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