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Little Heroes

Show your support by posting pictures of your own children riding their bikes “along with us" with the hashtags #700MilestoHope and #LittleHeroes - more

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$10,000 Goal

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Please click the "donate" button to save the lives of children suffering from HLH, then spread the word about the Akin's mission on your social media networks by simply posting a photo or video of a child you love riding his/her bike. Your post should invite others to do the same. Together, all of our #LittleHeroes can change the outcome and save lives!

Please use the hashtags #700MilestoHope and #LittleHeroes to help spread the word!

Little Heroes

on Oct 10/2014

ICYMI! #700MilestoHope segment on NBC in Nashville -- check it out and consider donating to the cause at

Jill&PatrickQueenan donated $200 to Little Heroes

on Oct 10/2014

Go #700MilestoHope team! You're almost there!

Little Heroes

on Sep 22/2014

Great @natchezdemocrat piece on the #700MilestoHope ride, which kicks off in Natchez, MS on 10/4 @ 9 am!

Little Heroes

on Sep 09/2014

Finnegan is supporting The Matthew and Andrew Akin Foundation's #700MilestoHope bike team, who will ride 700 miles in 7 days to help end HLH, a life-threatening childhood disease. The Akin family's story of love, loss and unwavering commitment to changing the outcome for kids with HLH is a powerful one, and I encourage all of my friends to read their story and consider donating to the cause. You can learn more here: #LittleHeroes

Little Heroes

on Sep 05/2014

Evan & Brayden, two #LittleHeroes gearing up for #700MilestoHope. Please help spread the word by posting your best kid bike pics and linking to our page

Jill&PatrickQueenan donated $100 to Little Heroes

on Sep 04/2014

Guest donated $250 to Little Heroes

on Sep 03/2014

Little Heroes

on Sep 03/2014

“When I’m on my bicycle I’m reminded of my childhood. Riding down the road as the sun is coming up I can feel two little angels soaring through the wind on both of my shoulders. It is both comforting and therapeutic. I ride because I can and my sons can’t." - Justin Akin, 700 Miles to Hope Lead Rider

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