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College student needs mouthguard

Hello, I am a college graduate and currently still enrolled in pre-pharmacy classes before I apply to pharmacy school. I am in need of a fitted retainer/mouthguard as I severely grind and clench my teeth when I sleep. The quote my dentist gave me...

Posted by Holly Walker on Mar 05

$25 Raised
4% Complete$589 Goal

Brayden's Journey

I am a single mom to a true Superhero. Brayden was born with hydrocephalus, a grade 3 ivh brain bleed, a tethered spinal cord, sprengel's deformity of his right shoulder, pelvic/horseshoe kidneys, right hip dysplasia, small bowel bacterial...

Posted by momma2brayden on Thursday

$5 Raised
1% Complete$500 Goal

Food and Easter Help

Hello, I come to you today to place a wish for food and possibly a chocolate bunny to place in my kids Easter basket. We have had a rough couple of months and it seems as though we are running out of food more often than not. I applied for food...

Posted by Saleina Cooper on Apr 14

$5 Raised
10% Complete$50 Goal

34wks pregnant in need of Carseat/s

Hello thank you for taking the time to read my wish I truly appreciate it. So let me start off by saying I'm a 23 year old female 34weeks pregnant and I'm currently not working I'm in need of a baby car seat and possibly a stroller to...

Posted by vannesa padilla on Apr 01

$400 Raised
100% Complete$400 Goal

To own my home before December

Hi, my name is Loretta and my family and i are trying to purchase our home.Lots of things happened to where we got stuck paying the taxes, Now our goal is to come together as a family and save money to buy the home and pay the taxes off, This is my...

Posted by loretta2810 on Thursday

$5 Raised
0% Complete$4,495 Goal

A last ditch effort to save Ethans easte

Hello this is Francine. I posted a wish last week for ethans easter. I did have two heros send some stickers. I did aquire an easter basket. But i have no candy eggs or small toys. I need helo. Ethan like any 8 y.old is hoping for the easter...

Posted by LostSoul on Wednesday

$30 Raised
100% Complete$30 Goal

Trip To Australia for Birth & Wedding

My 10 year-old son and I have been living in Seattle, Washington since 2004, when we came here from Australia to be with his father. Things haven't gone very well over the past 10 years; we got through domestic violence, cancer, divorce,...

Posted by Sahila ChangeBringer on Thursday

Help with Easter Dinner

Things have been really hard lately and my husband's hours have been cut at work. He is looking for a new job and we are praying something comes along.We were hoping to make a little money on a side job my husband was supposed to do this...

Posted by chrisfarr on Wednesday

Help with gas money

Hello heroes, I'm needing some help with gas. Unfortunately my check had to go for bills and food for my children. My husband and I have to get to work for the next almost 3 weeks. Could anyone help us with a few dollars? I will definitely be...

Posted by Jodi Jodi on Tuesday

$15 Raised
15% Complete$100 Goal

Jacob and His Heart Disease

My son Jacob is two years old and he was born with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). His type of heart disease is called Tetralogy of Fallot and affects not only his heart but his pulmonary and respiratory systems. Jacob had his first open heart...

Posted by slanthrip26 on Tuesday

$50 Raised
10% Complete$500 Goal

Service Dog for Gina

I was selected and approved for a service dog. A wonderful Yellow Lab named Muzzy from Canine Partners for Life in PA. The issue is funding. In order to receive the service dog, I must complete a three week mandatory training course. The hotel,...

Posted by Gina Tatum on Apr 14

$270 Raised
4% Complete$7,500 Goal

Single father needs help

Update 4/15: We were not able to keep the apartment we wanted. They do have 2 available for move in on May 1st if we have the money by April 29th. We only need $540 thanks to my boys who have been doing yard work and odd jobs around the...

Posted by Johnthe Gant on Apr 08

$5 Raised
1% Complete$540 Goal

Help us move to a safer area!

We recently relocated to the Denver, Colorado area from Texas. When we moved here we searched for a place for almost a week and finally had to move into an apartment complex in an area we weren't too familiar or sure of. We've been here...

Posted by DelaRae Walker on Mar 28

$100 Raised
5% Complete$2,000 Goal

Easter Wish for the kids.

I'm wishing for help getting Easter baskets for our kids we have a 4 year old daughter and a 2 year old son I know this is late wish but im hoping a hero can help with baskets.

Posted by loveme2012 on Apr 13

$5 Raised
14% Complete$35 Goal

easter wish for my kids

hi heros id like to wish for some help to get some toys and easter baskets for my children please!i dont want them to miss the easter bunny this year i dont have the means to get them baskets and goodies. i have 5 children to do easter for. ive been...

Posted by Melissa Terry on Apr 13

$800 Raised
1600% Complete$50 Goal

Nursing home residents needs clothing

🕔5 Days Left

My name is Anna Vishnevskaya. I am a Director of Staff Development in the Berkley Pines Nursing Home. We have 40 residents who have very limited amount of clothing. Most of the residents do not have family members. The residents who have family...

Posted by Anna Vishnevskaya on Jan 24

Build Veteran Handicap Accessible Home

My name is Corey Garmon and I was wounded in Afghanistan on July 11, 2012. I lost both of my legs, my left pinky, I have sever damage to my left arm, I have a traumatic brain injury along with PTSD. I am married to my best friend, Megan Garmon. We...

Posted by Megan Garmon on Apr 12

$1,670 Raised
7% Complete$25,000 Goal

Funds for Education

We have two children in Montessori Academy. Samuel, the eldest, is thriving in the school. We had, had the amount set aside until I had to have some dental work done. These are the scholarship rates. We are short $800 something by the first, and...

Posted by pheonixreborn on Mar 26

$10 Raised
1% Complete$750 Goal

Help Send Mail to Soldiers

I have two small care packages that need to go out that I have made with free samples, a media mail package,and some letters ready to go out. The cost is about $6 for each care package for a total of $12, about $3 for the media mail, and 1 book of...

Posted by pandabear08 on Apr 11

$7 Raised
28% Complete$25 Goal

Disney Trip Wish

My little Raven Ranee is 5-years-old and suffers from a life threatening lung disease. She recently underwent two surgeries to help her to breath better, and she will be having more throughout the year. It is my wish to do something very nice for...

Posted by Rolanda Rettkowski on Mar 12

$25 Raised
1% Complete$2,000 Goal

Easter baskets for my kids please

hello id like to ask for help to get my two kids some easter baskets for my kids please. its just a simple wish but i hope to be able to get help with it. there are some really cool ones i saw for them at target and at walmart plus id like to get...

Posted by Annalise Morton on Apr 03

$5 Raised
13% Complete$40 Goal

Lost my job today, now things are worse

Update: I lost my job today. Need help now more than ever. Not only now is half this month's rent late, but May rent is due soon. Unemployment won't kick in for a 2 week waiting period and will only be a portion of what I made before....

Posted by Jolene Hunt on Apr 09

$145 Raised
15% Complete$1,000 Goal

gas money to get to dr apt

I have my one year check up on Monday April 14th. it is 2 hrs away an it takes $40.00 to get to an from. I am seeing my gastric bypass surgeon. I also have to get blood work done to see how things are going. Im here to see if I can get help from a...

Posted by auntiechick00 on Apr 10

$5 Raised
13% Complete$40 Goal

still in need of food and medicine

I recently posted a wish I didn't get a answer, maybe I put too much of my personal information up and scared everyone away or maybe I disgusted everyone because I mentioned how I was raped and had a baby, I chose to keep my baby because its...

Posted by Reagan Sutherland on Mar 31

$500 Raised
500% Complete$100 Goal

milk and dog food please

im making a small wish for help to get a gallon of milk for myself and dog food for my precious buddy! if it isnt too much to ask i really would love the help. im a grandma living alone just me and my dog. im out of these few things but i do wish to...

Posted by Alma Peterson on Mar 26

$500 Raised
2000% Complete$25 Goal

Need Help for our MicroPreemie

March 20th our life was immediately changed when our daughter Abigail Theresa was born extremely early at 26 weeks gestation. Abigail was born at 1poud 9ounces and 12.75 inches long. She is a fighter, her nurses kicknamed her Spunky!!! Due to her...

Posted by garmanfamily on Apr 04

$120 Raised
6% Complete$2,000 Goal

Help us make Easter for our daughter

We are a family of 3 and we could really use some help. Up until this point we were doing pretty well in life. My husband works for USPS and was hit by a car, he is awaiting approval for his worker's comp case. Meanwhile, we have exhausted our...

Posted by Kara Bumbico on Mar 28

Formula & Food Coupons or help with :)

I am trying to find someone that has any Gerber Formula coupons, coupons for food and beverages, or just some help with these things. I have moved to Florida due to transfer in job so had to re-apply for food stamps and they have 30-45 days to...

Posted by Stevo Bellamy on Apr 03

disney princess castle for my babygirl

my babygirl's birthday is coming up monday and im unable to get my daughter anything i just had our new baby and my husband is still not home. im praying someone can please help my daughters birthday wish of having a disney princess dream...

Posted by Ashley Butler on Apr 01

needing help getting my insulin and food

hi im Melissa I have 2 awesome kids and im raising them on my own. I have diabetes and im out of my insulin I am wishing for a hero to help me get my insulin and a little food for my kids please. im out of drinks and everything just need a little...

Posted by Melissa Hodges on Apr 06

$400 Raised
800% Complete$50 Goal

Jacy Arnold Cancer Relief Fund

My very good friend and neighbor is battling cancer for the 2nd time. She has been so sick with her chemo and radiation treatments. She has a young daughter - who she would love to be able to take to Disneyland - they have never gone! She needs...

Posted by Carolyn Lightfoot on Apr 07

$75 Raised
1% Complete$10,000 Goal

Stair lift for Ryan and Jack

My name is Lisa Palm; my husband and I have 4 children. Due to financial hardship our family will be moving in with my husband's parents. We have 2 daughters, Alexa is 13, Katie is 11 and has autism. Both of our sons Ryan, 9 and Jack, 6, have...

Posted by Lisa Palm on Apr 07

$2,570 Raised
26% Complete$9,700 Goal

Alone and scared

I am posting this wish today in hopes of receiving a little help. I don't even know where to begin. My life has been turned upside down. I am a mother to 2 little girls and am going to be having another soon. My husband never wanted me to work....

Posted by Samantha Roberts on Apr 04

in need of a hero for pizza for dinner

I recently posted a wish for help with food and I was not lucky enough to be able to get help, which seems to be my luck lately :( I have five children and im caring for them on a minimum wage pay job, I try I really do but right now its not good...

Posted by Layla Patterson on Mar 28

$300 Raised
500% Complete$60 Goal

I wish for food tonight

I was overcharged at a restaurant (31.02) Saturday and have been waiting for the money to come back to my account and it still have not been posted. I am asking only for a little to get my daughter and I something to eat tonight. The money could...

Posted by theblackmonfamily on Apr 01

$6 Raised
22% Complete$25 Goal

Easter dress for my daughter

🕔5 Days Left

Hello, everybody! Im here today because I'm really needing some help in getting my 4 year old daughter a easter dress this year for easter. I feel like I'm literally going thru one of the hardest times finacially right now than I ever...

Posted by alv6109 on Mar 25

Airplane ticket

We just found out my father in law is in his last days.He is in Michigan and we are in Idaho.As it would cost too much for both of us to fly home and I am working I would like to get my husband back to see his father before he passes.He is an only...

Posted by Amy Perdue on Mar 31

$25 Raised
5% Complete$500 Goal

A Place Of our Own

My girlfriend and I met over a year ago and have had a long distance relationship since then. She lives in MA and I live in NY. I love her and her children with all my heart and we see each other as much as possible. We have both decided to end the...

Posted by Lauren Alleyne on Mar 31

$8 Raised
1% Complete$800 Goal

Help us get a home!!

🕔5 Days Left

I recently become a homeless mom and have reached out to various agencies for help with no success yet again!! I am desperate to raise enough money to get in to a place even if it is just enough to pay for a month or two at a hotel until I find...

Posted by Ashley Lewis on Mar 25

$132 Raised
7% Complete$2,000 Goal

Michael's Headstone Fund

Lost my 15 y/o on July 1,2013. Still trying to raise money to get him a headstone if anyone is interested in helping, Plz do. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Posted by Dena Steele on Mar 21

$20 Raised
1% Complete$4,000 Goal

Help Kate's Medical Alert Service Dog

Apollo's training will enable him to assist Kate with daily tasks and serve as a medical alert dog. Your donations will assist Apollo in preparing him for his lifesaving job ahead. Kate suffers from PTSD, Agoraphobia (fear of public and...

Posted by Kate Duprey on Mar 17

$280 Raised
5% Complete$6,000 Goal

Financial needs during cancer treatment

Our friend Jennifer Gale has just been diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma, which is a very aggressive cancer. She needs help with living expenses for herself and her two children, Cassidy and Jack, while she is undergoing treatment. She receives...

Posted by Terri Parks on Mar 27

$25 Raised
0% Complete$8,000 Goal

Urgent Financial Need

I was recently sexually assaulted in my home. My family lives in MI & I need to relocate. I really need my family support system. Since I only have disability-$752/mo-it's financially hard. I need to buy transportation & pay for moving...

Posted by Dianna J Hensley on Mar 26

$10 Raised
0% Complete$8,000 Goal

Bone Marrow Transplant for Michael

🕔5 Days Left

Michael is in dire need of getting a bone marrow transplant as he has a rare genetic disease that makes his life hard to live. This disease MNGIE (mitochondrial neurogastrointestinal encephalomyopathy; a form of muscular dystrophy) would later take...

Posted by momma.gonz on Mar 25

$154 Raised
0% Complete$150,000 Goal

Single mom is desperate.

🕔4 Days Left

I just recently graduated pharmacy tech program, and though I am employed, I do not make enough to pay all of my bills. I have 7 days to come up with $900 to pay rent, I have a child with a birthday coming up, and Easter, and I can't even cover...

Posted by Kathleen Patrick on Mar 24

$25 Raised
1% Complete$2,500 Goal

In Need of Service Dog

🕔4 Days Left

I have severe chronic depression, social anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD, and OCD. I need a service dog to help me get through everyday things like school, work, going to the store, etc. My social anxiety keeps me from being able to go places alone,...

Posted by Kaloni Madsen on Mar 24

$1,275 Raised
17% Complete$7,500 Goal

Save Daisy dog! Emergency

Need emergency assistance for my 7 year old bichon, Daisy. She has bladder stones that need to be removed, but we are stationed in the UK, with the US military. The surgery will be £1100 so about $2000. She is my very best friend! I can't...

Posted by Jenna Ewing on Mar 12

$40 Raised
2% Complete$2,000 Goal

A Headstone For Baby Olivia

Olivia Michelle Robinson was born on 10/26/2013 to Tiffanie and Kelly Robinson and greeted by her two big brothers Tyler and Alexander. She was a very much anticipated little girl and was deeply loved and cherished. Sadly and unexpectedly, Olivia...

Posted by Tiffanie Robinson on Mar 13

$145 Raised
5% Complete$3,000 Goal

An I Pad for Addison

Our sweet three-year-old daughter has autism which severely affects her speech among many other things including interaction with others, transition problems and much more. She has little to no speech at all. We are currently on a waiting list to...

Posted by Katie Schleitwiler-Ringbauer on Mar 03

$52 Raised
17% Complete$300 Goal

Please help us keep the electricity on!

Hi, my name is Sarra and here is my story. I am a divorced mom of two children, one which was born a preemie and has a seizure disorder. Things have been tough for us financially, but by the help of God we have been getting by. Although I work part...

Posted by lovemyfamily98168 on Mar 07

$10 Raised
3% Complete$400 Goal

Woofical- Service Dog & Travel Costs

Woof! Hello, my name is Andrea. I am Deaf with other disabilities (Deaf++). I have always taken pride in working hard to earn my own income, paying my own bills, taking care of my apartment, etc. At this point in my life, I cannot work due to...

Posted by Andrea Humphress on Feb 12

$12 Raised
0% Complete$6,500 Goal

Army Soldier's Pug Needs Urgent Vet Care

Mayor, our pug, is an emotional service dog in need of veterinary care for his dental disease. We adopted Mayor from an 84-year-old woman suffering from cancer. She was struggling to take care of him and even consulted a veterinarian about getting...

Posted by Rachel Blakley on Feb 21

$578 Raised
24% Complete$2,408 Goal

Wheelchair Van Needed

I am in need of a wheelchair minivan for my seven year old with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2. My son Philip is a very bright loving outgoing child that everyone loves. I worked full time as a job coach for children and adults with intellectual...

Posted by curesma4philip on Feb 18

$10 Raised
0% Complete$45,000 Goal

Please read and help me

Hi, my name is Julie Trinh, I am 21 years old and was recommended by a friend on Facebook to join this network. Usually I am not the person that asks for help.I am usually helping others even if I don't know them. I can get people to prove...

Posted by Julie Trinh on Feb 18

$115 Raised
6% Complete$2,000 Goal

Sponsors & Donations for Lyme Disease

My sister Laura has recently been diagnosed with Neurological Lyme Disease. It has consistently taken a toll on her, to the point that she now can barely walk. She has always been a very independent and strong person, she has a Masters Degree in...

Posted by RoosCandles1 on Feb 17

$25 Raised
0% Complete$250,000 Goal

Gift card for Shutterfly

I am in need of a shutterfly gift card. I recently had my daughter on 1/22 and have several free offers for shutterfly. However I do not have the money to cover the shipping. The shipping is around 16 dollars. I am hoping to find someone who has a...

Posted by mwil12886 on Feb 13

My Cat Rusty Needed Emergency Surgery

Rusty is my 5-year-old kitty. He was born to Miss Daisy in a box in my closet; we didn't know that she was pregnant when we adopted her as a stray. Rusty is a very friendly and affectionate little guy. Rusty is definitely a momma's boy!...

Posted by Leigh Uemae-Valdivia on Feb 09

$50 Raised
3% Complete$1,734 Goal

Heroes for Veterans

Hi I am a disabled veteran, and I am currently unemployed. I am waiting for the VA to process my claim. While I wait, my bills are falling farther and farther behind. I don't ask for help for anything, but it is time to put my pride aside and...

Posted by Scott Cox on Jan 28

$665 Raised
33% Complete$2,000 Goal

Our wish for my daughter Anne

🕔1 Day Left

On Feb 6th my beautiful 6-year-old daughter Anne was diagnosed with a rare condition known as Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease(LCPD). LCPD is a disease resulting from a lack of blood supply to the hips causing the head of the femur to die. As you can...

Posted by Katy Jorgensen Hardin on Jan 20

$60 Raised
0% Complete$20,000 Goal

Ears for Emily

Emily is two years old and was born with Bilateral Microtia and Atresia as well as Hemifacial Microsomia. This basically means both of her ears are malformed. She does not have ear canals or ear drums, and she also has different sized facial bones...

Posted by Carlos Rodriguez on Jan 14

$1,227 Raised
8% Complete$15,000 Goal

To share cheap/free Easter ideas!

I know times are hard right now; I thought it would be nice for us to share some fun, easy ideas. Please add your own in comments! You don't need premade Easter baskets- it's cheaper and more fun to fill your own. I reuse paper...

Posted by acorngirl on Mar 27


🕔2 Days Left


Posted by teresa.weatherby.71 on Mar 22

Help My Son with Autism Meet KISS!

🕔1 Day Left

My son Max, age 12, is the biggest KISS fan in the world, and his dream is to meet them in person! His entire room is decorated in KISS memorabilia. He knows the words to every song, and he even knows all the members' birthdays. He is the...

Posted by Rachelle Tuber on Feb 18

Vacation for my kids

I have been dealing with some health issues for the past 2 months and had planned on going to North Carolina for April break 4/19-4/26. However, when I found out I had to have surgery I decided to cancel the plans. I wish I had not done that as...

Posted by gncrazyw5 on Thursday

$0 Raised
0% Complete$2,500 Goal

Need truck repairs

I need help with getting some repairs done and better tires with some tread. I need an oil change, knock sensors, exhaust leak, new battery and better tires. This is my only vehicle that I have and still owe 1500.00. My boyfriend just got joint...

Posted by djess on Apr 14

$0 Raised
0% Complete$2,000 Goal

Easter basket goodies!

Easter is coming up soon and all I need is gently used or new books for my son who is 2.5 years old or other kid friendly toys for his basket. He loves the minions from Despicable Me and Bubble Guppies and Elmo sound books (he loves his voice)....

Posted by Wishes4Gavin on Apr 10

Driving lessons for a desperate mom

I found a private former driving instructor to do driving lessons for $20 per lesson hour. All other instructors wants $50+ per lesson hour. I have managed to get 4 lessons in, but that is all of the extra money we had for the month, especially...

Posted by aed2952 on Apr 06

$0 Raised
0% Complete$200 Goal

wishing for dinner

im wishing for someone to help me out im trying to get dinner for our family and i have paypal i can send the money to the person but i dont have a paypal card, im trying to order a pizza or something and if someone would help me out id send them...

Posted by trigishere on Mar 28

$0 Raised
0% Complete$20 Goal

Help for Food and Hygiene

🕔2 Days Left

I am a single mother and I have been struggling to make bills. I picked up a second job and am just waiting the 3 weeks before I get my first check so that some of our financial hardships will ease up. I am in desperate need of some help getting...

Posted by Stephanie LaDuke on Mar 22

$0 Raised
0% Complete$100 Goal

PSU College tuition balance

🕔3 Days Left

Denied loan, I am trying to come up with $1900 to pay off my son's balance, so they allow him to continue the rest of the semester! He absolutely loves college and going to PSU had been a dream since he was little. Just don't know what...

Posted by RavenAngel4 on Mar 23

$0 Raised
0% Complete$1,900 Goal
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