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Items Needed For Baby Girl PLEASE

I lost my Job after maternity leave was over,and am barely keeping afloat with 3 kids (my oldest being special needs) so I am praying for a hero(es) to help me to get my 4 month old a few things she needs such as a high chair, Playpen,or even an...

Posted by Melissa Broadbent 5 hours ago

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God is changing my life

I'm a hard working man who moved from what he knew on the east coast to stay close to his kids when they moved. It's been 6 months and I can say that our relationship has strengthened. But I'm struggling to keep up as my job...

Posted by drew214 7 hours ago

my angels are sick, need medicine

Hey heros, my little girls have bad colds I am in need of some medicine and juice for them please. I like to use pedialyte when they get sick it helps replenish fluids they may lose because they have had fevers and I feel so bad for them. I...

Posted by Krystal Gilliam 9 hours ago

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help with a few dollars to get essential

I'm hoping someone can reach out and help me and my 2 children age 2 and 6. We need a couple things. and i do have a ppaypal. even tho that wud take longer to get to me but i need help with also getting back n forth to the doctor. i am. almost...

Posted by roohoomarker 16 hours ago

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job for social anxiety and HH sufferer

hi i m salman raza. i have 2 big problem in my life 1) social anxiety 2) hyperhidrosi(severe sweating on hands feet underarm groin area).my hands always wet what ever i touch become wet. i have social anxiety. i cant do job in normal atmosphere. i...

Posted by Chand Khan 19 hours ago

the basics

Out of the basics for the house no money till the first live on a very tight income could someone please help me out of shampoo, toilet paper, wet wipes, and dish soap hate to ask for help again but running out of options. thank you and god...

Posted by dlovsmoking 21 hours ago

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Keep job

Hello am pleaing to all heros this has been the hardest time for my family last month my assistance was late so had to spend most of my cash on food which made all my bills behind and late.I am in a very bad situation i had to call out yesterday I...

Posted by rldown on Tuesday

Poor little sewing machine.

RIP my poor old used sewing machine. The poor thing finally had it's last stitch. This is horrifying for me. I use it to alter hand-me-downs of every type from friends and family to make clothing for my three kids and myself, and everything...

Posted by sarahann2007 on Tuesday

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Help getting car on the road

Our car has been off the road since last fall..and now that we have finally gotten it running again,everything is due!The insurance, registration and the sticker all need to be done..which would be around $200 ($130 reg., $12 sticker, and about...

Posted by blueeyedwolf1977 on Tuesday

begging for help with a couple things

Hi I come to you today begging for a little help, I am now currently working two jobs, I don't get my first check from either job for another week and half,we are in desperate need (we are out of almost everything) of household items and pull...

Posted by kattie.myersandrews on Monday

Please please help us get gas

We are completely out of cash. My husband needs to get to work for the next week so he needs about $60 worth of gas ($20 per day) to get him through until Friday. We have no resources for gas assistance and we've been trying to sell items to...

Posted by faithboone1234 on Monday

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Household items please help!

Hello, im coming here begging for help today to get some household items that we desperately need . We need paper towels, toilet paper, garbage bags, febreeze, polish, bathroom cleaners, and kitchen cleaners. Please help i am making a walmart...

Posted by loveme2012 on Monday

My final wish I hope

Hello again heroes. I am so grateful for the help I got with my husbands shoes. He loves them. I am asking for help today with some personal hygiene items along with some dog food and things. My husband works every night. He does not get a night...

Posted by Tonyamichelle82 on Monday

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Family Needs

My family is in dire needs of the following Liquid Laundry Soap Dish Soap Bar soap (For my husband he's allergic to liquid body wash) Body wash for adults and children Tear Free Shampoo & Conditioner (for children) Shampoo &...

Posted by Jessy Griffin on Monday


Im 17 & i have a one year old son and im going to have a baby girl in june (june 13) before i go any further i should mention that the facebook linked with this account is NOT my facebook. I am going ti court for custody and my attorney told me...

Posted by Donnaa Villareal on Saturday

Wishing for a sewing machine

My wish this Saturday is for a sewing machine. The one I currently have the motor is gone and would cost way more to fix than it is worth. I use it to make items for people that are in need, for example, a skirt for a little girl, a simple baby...

Posted by marxygirl on Saturday


hello heroes i have come to ask for help with a FOOD my children need to eat i am hoping to get a hero please my mind is going in circles i really need help thank you if you cant i truly understand i have a paypal

Posted by KATHY MCLEAN on Apr 19

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for a bed to sleep in!!!

my family is finally moving into a home of our own. we have been sleeping on the floor in a room with our kids in my dads house for about 13 months now and when we move we will not have a bed to sleep in. my wish is to get a bed and maybe some...

Posted by mia28f on Apr 18

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sweet lady in need of angel

I know a woman that is 74 years old and in poor health.She has a very serious heart condition and is on multiple medications and travels to the doctor on a regular bases. This poor woman has lost her home to foreclosure in January and now her...

Posted by Burnis Sparkman on Apr 18

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Hello Angel Hero's ~ My coffee pot has finally given out on me after close to 10 years and I am in need of a new one is there an Angel Hero who is able to grant my wish ? I picked out 2 on Walmart and the wish registry Id # is 26771084149. I am...

Posted by friendtoall on Apr 18

Kitty in Need

Life has recently gotten a lot harder for me and the one thing that keeps me happy and alive is my kitty Jinx. I make sure she is well-fed but I do need assistance with other essential needs such as vetinary care, litter, pet beds..etc. If not...

Posted by Gia Covington on Apr 18

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Baby stuff

I'm a new mom, my daughter is 4 months old. I'm 19 hearts old. I really need help getting diapers(size 2) and wipes. My daughters father wants nothing to do with us anymore and I have no help at all. I really hope someone out there can...

Posted by Kaitlin Roysdon on Apr 17

car window

Finally able to get a car and someone busted out the window and stole my daughter's backpack last night. $160 repair. I have nothing, single disabled mother of two. Desperate situation. I am severely stressed about this. Thank you for reading.

Posted by teddiebear1209 on Apr 16

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Diapers for my daughter

Right now things have been pretty hard financially and we've been doing the best we can but we're very low on diapers (size 5) and the easy up trainging pants (size 3T/4T) and we need a little help. Also, we don't have any money for...

Posted by mysterioushadow on Apr 16

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Wish for women necessities

Hi my wish is for $25.00 to get some necessities .... My husband is out of work and I really need to get these items If anyone could help I would appreciate it.

Posted by Naomi Osuna on Apr 16

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playpen for my year son to sleep in

need a playpen for my 1 year old son to sleep in his is broke .please no money due to bills ...

Posted by Tony Fentress on Apr 16

Beds and clothing for my grandchildren

We are in need of Beds for our grandchildren ! Please even gently used ones...either a twin bed with mattress and a toddler bed or bunk beds, or two twin beds! I have been searching craigslist and have come up empty handed. The place we live...

Posted by Tailgate Juliet on Apr 16

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A printer please

I need a printer. I was hoping to go with a 30.00 printer but the included list doesn't say they include printer ink and many of them say I'd still have to purchase a USB cable for it. So I ended up going with a $58.00 one that includes...

Posted by bella214 on Apr 16

for Scrabble games or pieces

I am trying to make personalized scrabble pictures to earn some much needed extra money. What I really need is one complete scrabble board with tiles and then as many extra tiles as I can get. These can all be ordered online. But I'm hoping...

Posted by deeirene on Apr 16

Help after a horrible accident

Hello! I am reaching out in desperate need. My husband was riding his bicycle to work yesterday and was struck by a truck going at least 45 miles an hour. He is currently in the TICU (trauma intensive care unit) with a separated pelvis and has...

Posted by emtmom0104 on Apr 15

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we wish to provide for our pets

My husband & I are both disabled. I have spinal stenosis & he is mentally disabled. We have 10 cats (5 each). And our pets are what help keep us going. His cats help him provide stability for us cuz he never wants to be in a position...

Posted by audrey hampton on Apr 15

Please donate a car or truck need help

I'm in need of a new car that has low miles and in good shape and has more space than my pontiac sun fire. I wanna be able to take my family places safely. A/c has to work in it. The car I have now has almost 200,000 miles on it a broken...

Posted by Trent Collins on Apr 14

help til friday. will repay

We are in a bit of a pickle til friday. We are in need of 50.00 til friday that can be repaid on that day when my husband gets paid. We will be needing gas to get back and forth to work and incidentals. My husband has been in and out of the hospital...

Posted by jennichols2 on Apr 14

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Losing everything we have....

Right after Christmas my 7yr old son and I lost our apartment and our choice was to either go to a shelter or move in a with an old highschool friends aunt. I moved in with the aunt. My son and I share a room, and upon moving, I placed what little...

Posted by bratleysmom on Apr 14

$0 Raised
0% Complete$170 Goal

Turtle supplies

If anyone has a large aquatic turtle dock and no longer need it, i would love to use it for my turtle. He has grown too large for the one he has. Any turtle supplies you no longer use i would make excellent use of. Im in a little financial squeeze...

Posted by Theresa Stiles on Apr 14

Need truck repairs

I need help with getting some repairs done and better tires with some tread. I need an oil change, knock sensors, exhaust leak, new battery and better tires. This is my only vehicle that I have and still owe 1500.00. My boyfriend just got joint...

Posted by djess on Apr 14

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Beehive & bees have taken over our home

ATTN: we need help. We are hostages in our own home.Can anyone help us to demo our master bath, we have a huge infestation of bees/ beehive, plus our tub has cracked, electrical wires are exposed and no plumbing is hooked up to the tub. We had to...

Posted by shannonschulz on Apr 14

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Praying for a Hero !

Hello and thank you for taking the time to stop by My wish is simple really I am wishing and hoping I get a job. I was just laid off recently from a seasonal position which I enjoyed very much but now I am back to job hunting. I do get unemployment...

Posted by Melissa Sargeant on Apr 13

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Need help with rent and water bill

We are a family of 13(2 adults, 11 kiddos). Rent will be due on the 16th and the water bill is past due. My husband is the only one working right now and he's been having to take off due to my mom being coming home from the hospital and needing...

Posted by Shae Will on Apr 13

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0% Complete$860 Goal

Sm Apt Size Furniture

Hi, My husband and I are newlyweds of 6 months. We've been in our apartment a little over a year and started out with used hand me down furniture (which is okay. It got us by until now). However, our furniture is starting to fall apart due to...

Posted by rviteo on Apr 13

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